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SDPMart 10 Liter Combo Pack 2 | SDPMart Virgin Peanut Oil - 2x 5 Liter

SDPMart 10 Liter Combo Pack 2 | SDPMart Virgin Peanut Oil - 2x 5 Liter

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 Virgin Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Virgin cold pressed oil is made from selected high-quality Native variety groundnuts. Also known as peanut oil.

  • Traditional wooden mill provides pure cold pressed groundnut oil.
  • It contains low saturated fats, and it is free from cholesterol.
  • Made from sun dried groundnuts and groundnut oil is a good source of plant sterols.
  • We follow the food safety guidelines in packaging our oil.
  • No coloring agent and preservatives are used.
  • Using groundnut oil for cooking makes your meal naturally healthy and nutritious.


  • Used for Cooking
  • The high smoking point in groundnut oil makes it a popular choice for frying food.

Why SDPMart?

We supply the food you wish existed-pure like nature, highly nutritious, zero additives, Native variety and directly sourced from farmers. We produce pure oil made by the traditional wooden cold press method. We follow traditional practices to make sure that the oil is free from any chemicals, artificial aroma, solvent residues, and preservatives. We retain its natural antioxidants.

Our Mission is to empower our future generation to transform their everyday living into nutritious oriented healthy living.

The packaging is 100% hygienic and we follow ecofriendly guidelines.